Author: Roberto Baldwin

Bay Area Purveyors Operating During COVID

By Richie Nakano This is meant to capture all of the independent purveyors that are still operating and selling direct-to-consumer during the COVID crisis. Please add them here and put any information you have about how people can order or contact them to order. This will eventually be published online for people to view, share and hopefully drive orders from.… Read more →

Turkey Defecation

No one tells you about the turkey shit. Sure, they wax on and on about how “you have to fix everything that breaks. There’s no landlord.” You know, in case during the process of house hunting I forgot how the ownership of property works. Yet none of the housesplainers talked about how wild turkeys will break into your backyard, eat… Read more →

Smoking is Dangerous and Fun

A long time ago, the FDA released some of its potential cigarette box warnings. Most of them were so over the top, they’re unintentionally hilarious. I added my own captions to some of the warning labels.  Enjoy. Original: Updated: Original: Updated: Original: Updated: Original:  Updated: Original: Updated: Read more →

What to do if you come across Robbie

I posted this in the Facebook group for my graduating class. No one liked it. The holidays are upon us. And like many of you, I will be visiting my family in good ol’ Tehachapi. Unlike many of you, my inability to interact socially has increased 10-fold. I’ve moved from Boo Radley-level shyness straight up to Howard Hughes-Def Con-Five shyness.… Read more →

Facebook Messenger is Your New God

Post from 2017 Facebook’s F8 developer conference has yielded very good news for fans of Messenger. You remember Messenger? It was the app Facebook sort of forced you to download to your phone if you wanted to have a private chat with your friends. It’s like the free U2 album of software. You didn’t really want it, but oh well… Read more →

Tacotober Rules

31 Tacos in 31 days All hail the power of Tacos! These are the rules as dictated to me by the father of Tacotober – Brian K. 1. Any mixture of two or more traditional items in a folded tortilla constitutes a full taco. 2. Traditional items are: beans, meat, cheese, salsa, rice, avocado, guacamole, lettuce, cilantro etc. You know,… Read more →