Tacotober Rules

31 Tacos in 31 days

All hail the power of Tacos!

These are the rules as dictated to me by the father of Tacotober – Brian K.

1. Any mixture of two or more traditional items in a folded tortilla constitutes a full taco.

2. Traditional items are: beans, meat, cheese, salsa, rice, avocado, guacamole, lettuce, cilantro etc. You know, taco stuff.

3. Choco Tacos count as a full taco

4. Mini tacos and taquitos only count as 1/2 a taco.

5. Fusion tacos (Tacos with ingredients like Daal, Korean BBQ, and haggis etc.) only count as 1/2 a taco.

6. You must eat 31 tacos during the month of October to be considered an official Tacotober member.

7. After the great taco shortage of 2007, it is no longer necessary to consume a taco at every meal. But, it is smiled upon by the great taco god, Cilantro the Conqueror.

8. Spread the word of Tacotober at work, with friends, at your house of worship and via your social network.

9. It is suggested that you create a “contest” with your friends and co-workers to determine who is most deserving of Cilantro the Conqueror’s love by eating the most tacos during the month.