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“Some Mid Apocalypse Type Business”

These aren’t essays, they’re dispatches. An essay has an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. It is a piece to camera, the middle of a debate, or a persuasive paper. This is just a memorial, a time capsule, a record of where we were. It’s been seven weeks, it could be more or less for you, seven weeks since the… Read more →


I just wanted to listen to the rain. It is, likely, one of the last morning rains we will have until winter and I wanted to lie there and listen to it. I would call it a simple pleasure, but I am aware that it is a complicated privilege to have a bed, a roof, and a window. I couldn’t… Read more →

Deadspin – EiT 11/01/19

Everything is terrible. Deadspin Got Fucked I love sports. Deadspin was the first website that I would read in the morning. I would check in on it every couple of hours throughout the day. I didn’t do that because of the sports, though, I did it because of everything. There are dozens of websites, Twitter feeds, and television stations that… Read more →