Deadspin – EiT 11/01/19

Everything is terrible.

Deadspin Got Fucked

I love sports. Deadspin was the first website that I would read in the morning. I would check in on it every couple of hours throughout the day. I didn’t do that because of the sports, though, I did it because of everything. There are dozens of websites, Twitter feeds, and television stations that a person could look at to get scores or breaking headlines. Deadspin often didn’t even have breaking news, I would see something get retweeted hours before it showed up on their pages. What Deadspin did have was, almost guaranteed, to be the best take out of the lot.

Deadspin was so much more, from long format stories about the end of dog racing, to David Roth’s necessary commentary on the ongoing cheesification of the brain of the second tier Mario villain who runs this country, and Felix Biederman’s tragicomic review of the Joker. (All of those were all within the last ninety days, by the way, and there was so much more.)

Deadspin is gone, despite being a successful enterprise, because vulturous weirdos didn’t understand it and it scared them. A site that speaks truth to power, especially the power of the monied ownership class, is a threat to their very existence. The union contract that the writers and editors fought the previous, dopey, owners for was a threat. It defined a wall between editorial and the bosses. The vencap bros who gobbled up the zombie corpse of Gawker Media (after another petulant weirdo sent that publication to the grave) said that the way to make a successful social commentary and humour blog more successful was to shove autoplaying video ads —with sound!— onto every page and to tell the staff to stick to sports. IE, to stop doing the things that caused people to go to Deadspin, over other sports sites, to begin with.

Deadspin follows Splinter and Gawker and LA Weekly and so many others into the charnel house and it’s a fucking tradgedy. I applaud the staff for all the amazing work they did and the incredibly brave decision they made to walk out of the door and into an increasingly uncertain future with their principles. I, like so many others, hope, if it came to it, that I would do the same. I will miss that beautiful, stupid site

Everything is terrible.

PS: Firefox crashed, locking up my entire laptop, while I was trying to post this earlier. I am being silenced, send complaints to Robbie.